Goal setting is an art not specifically for setting goals to accomplish, but sometimes making plans to let go. In previous years, I’ve made plans to go a year without… Cheetos, Soda & other things. This year, however, for health reasons, is a big one for me.

2019 marked the sixth year that I was drinking Zipfizz pretty much every day (sometimes twice a day), often with a mixture of strawberry & vanilla syrup topped with a little splash of cream. It was amazing. It was like drinking a pink starburst – which we all know is the best – every day. It was my soda replacement, because it was bubbly & delightful. Zipfizz, if you don’t know, is a vitamin drink. So, regardless of the added mocha stand sugar, I convinced myself that it was an incredibly healthy option as far as beverages go. And at just over 100 calories, it could fit into my health plan completely.

Did I mention that, over those past six years, I probably got sick (with a cold or a flu or anything for that matter) maybe three times??? I’m not exaggerating here!

Zipfizz was my baby.

Then, in mid-2018, came a stomach issue I couldn’t quite explain. It seemed that, no matter what I ate, I always felt the same. On a monthly basis, my stomach would feel like I’d swallowed a golf ball – & it wouldn’t go away. Stress heightened the pain, & with my wedding planning at its peak, I thought maybe it was all stress & that it would go away. Following my wedding however, that monthly feeling quickly turned into a weekly – & then twice weekly – occurrence. – What the hell?

So my Mom told me it was probably Zipfizz, & I immediately shut her down. I told her I’d gone a week without it & nothing had changed. I was sure it had to be gluten or dairy or something internal like maybe an ulcer or something. – But in my head, it couldn’t be Zipfizz, it’s too healthy.
Finally, after a year of random flare ups, & an “IBS” diagnosis, which I was told would go away on its own, I’d officially had it. I was going to have tests done to figure this out. And that’s exactly what I did, only to find out that virtually nothing was wrong with me at all, with the exception of high reflux. I was told this was just something I was going to need to live with. — Not the answer I was looking for.

So, naturally, I decide to go back to my same eating & drinking routine, accepting defeat. This was my life now. But then, what could six years of drinking something on a daily basis do to your body? My Grandma had a bad experience with Crystal Light. Maybe, just maybe, Zipfizz had eaten away at my esophagus or something. Or rather, the sugar that I like to enjoy with it?

I considered this for a long time & decided to take a hiatus from Zipfizz. This lasted a good month, until I just “had to have one”… & guess what happened? Reality check. My stomach was twisted in pain.

I’m not saying that I hate Zipfizz now, because I don’t, I crave it often. I also am coming off of a big cold, so it’s hard for me to miss not ever being sick. What I am saying is PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR BODY. Or more realistically, pay attention to what you’re doing to your body. — We are all so different, we react different to different things. Consider what’s really bothering you & experiment a little. Set goals that allow you to expand your life by living without something, & watch yourself grow!


PS. What did living a year without soda look like? Well, for starters, it was easier than I thought it would be (I only craved it when I was at sporting events &/or eating pizza). – It eliminated my restless leg syndrome, which was incredibly shocking to me – AND it brought back my enjoyment of root beer, which was destroyed during mandatory elementary school fluoride treatments.

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