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🎧 EPISODE #28 Happiness In Hand Lettering with Liz Gray

By Amy Riordan | September 30, 2020

Meet Liz Gray, a woman who went from Culinary Arts to Hand Lettering Professional. Liz is a truly sweet person who was excited to share her journey with us. Content Discussed:TheGrayterGood.netEtsy ShopLettering CourseThe Grayter Good BlogDigital Lettering EssentialsSupplies To Start Lettering Social Media:InstagramPinterestTikTok

🎧 EPISODE #27 Product Creation with Steph Hon, Owner of Cadence

By Amy Riordan | September 23, 2020

Get the details of what it takes to create a product with Steph Hon, Owner & Creator of Cadence, a capsule system that might just change your way of life. Content Social Media:InstagramFacebookLinkedIn

Adulting & Accountability | Leading By Example

By Amy Riordan | September 1, 2020

Standing in the kitchen the other day, I had what I thought was an epiphany… only to realize that it was more like a shower thought. But I decided to do a blog post about it anyway. As children, we are so eager to be adults; to be able to do anything we want whenever…

“I Am Awesome” | A Daily Pep-Talk Routine

By Amy Riordan | August 26, 2020

There are quite a few things I’ve begun implementing into my daily routine, & a personal in-the-mirror pep-talk is one of them. Yep. Talking to myself. Alone. Like a weird loser. But the thing is, I’m not a loser, & quite honestly, I’ve learned from the best.I don’t remember how old I was, but my…