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Hey, I'm Amy! Marketing Strategist, Mompreneur, Speaker, Writer & Runner

I'm a Marketing Strategist helping Entrepreneurs bring their businesses to the next level in online media. My processes are detailed, but simplified to make your life as easy as possible. I'm passionate about what I do, & love teaching as much about the marketing process as possible as we work toward your marketing & business goals.

Welcome to my platform about Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Motherhood & Personal Development. The time I spend here is squished meticulously between my proud mom life & my consistent travel schedule.

You've found the right place if you're looking for content on how to improve your online marketing &/or to navigate & organize as much of the chaos that comes with business & motherhood as possible. Entrepreneurship is hard, Motherhood is hard, & the two combined are like being on a rollercoaster without a seatbelt. I want to empower others to design their own seatbelts - meaning, I'd like to inspire others them to find meaningful time for themselves amidst their crazy schedules too. I'm so freaking excited that you are here. When you're ready, I've outlined a few ways that you can best utilize this platform below. And, if you're looking for updates, you can Subscribe Here.


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Book A Consult
Together we will discuss your marketing priorities, your business goals, the steps it will take & an online or in-person process that would work easiest for your busy schedule.


Speaking & Bootcamps
Attend one of my bootcamps, or book me for your next event. We can discuss a variety of marketing strategies, not just social media & search engine optimization.

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Visit The Blog
A variety of the things I discuss in my coaching sessions & bootcamps is also discussed throughout my blog posts, to help you grow your business with various marketing techniques.


"I worked with Amy on a project for my business and the experience was beyond amazing. She dedicated so much time and attention to truly understand who I am and what I do. Her deliverables were amazing. Her talent is in her craft, but also in how she connects with those around her. My clients fell in love with her, too. She is part of our tribe now-she should be part of yours, too."

Molly Kreyssler
Owner & Coach, Bloom Coaching

"Amy has been a great asset for our nonprofit organization based in Coeur d'Alene! She has worked with our PR Committee on Marketing Strategy, Social Media, and even SEO. She has worked with our Events Committee to host Social Media Bootcamps - speaking to our members about their social media, video content, strategy, etc... we are so grateful!"

Kootenai County Young Professionals
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

"Amy is absolutely wonderful to work with. She had excellent ideas that were specific to our business and they really work! She taught us how to create engaging content, helped us to update our social media to be more effective, and has provided insightful feedback. She definitely knows her stuff!"

Scarlet Kelso
Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley

"Amy is such a pleasure to work with and is incredibly helpful when it comes to marketing strategy and SEO! I have served on a non-profit committee with Amy for a few years and have learned so much!"

Sydney Stinson
CAO, Accurate CNC Services