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The Truth About Accountability | When It’s Time To Break Up With Yourself

By Amy Riordan | August 1, 2020

Have you ever looked back on your life & found yourself focused on those moments of people pleasing & walking on egg shells, only to realize that they make up a good 75% of your life in its entirety? Maybe I’m alone, but I truly doubt that I am. And I’m honestly baffled by this.…

🎧 EPISODE #26 Taking The Leap… In Chocolate with Angi Pfleiderer

By Amy Riordan | July 14, 2020

Angi Pfleiderer is the Owner of Chocolate Spiel, a company based out of Seattle, Washington that’s selling one-of-a-kind, just a few ingredient, chocolate bars. Her story is unique & inspirational, & she’ll have you dreaming of working in chocolate too.  Content Discussed:ChocolateSpiel.comLittle CascadesVegan Chocolate BonbonsChocolate BonbonsColor Explosion Bar (Uganda) Chocolate Spiel Etsy Store Social Media:FacebookInstagramPinterestYouTube

🎧 EPISODE #25 Instilling Fitness with Julie Voris

By Amy Riordan | July 7, 2020

Content Social Media:FacebookInstagramPinterestYouTube

🎧 EPISODE #24 Rising From The Ashes with Brenda Garcia Jaramillo

By Amy Riordan | June 30, 2020

Brenda Garcia Jaramillo, at such a young age, has lived an incredibly amazing life of twists & turns. Enjoy this two-part series, part one covering where Brenda is now & a little about how she’s risen from the ashes. Part two to follow soon! Follow Brenda:@bgjaramillo