This page is dedicated to my personal bucket list, which you can also find in segments on the Amy Riordan YouTube page. The process is simple - accomplish as many goals as I can for 2020, while also remembering quality over quantity. These goals mean the world to me, & while I may be using this site as a motivator to get things done, I'm not about to take this list - & everything that it stands for - for granted.

Use this list to inspire your own. What are some goals you have yet to accomplish? What are one or two that you've 'let go of' that are still sitting in the back of your mind? Might they be worth crossing off the list for your inner child? You might be surprised at just how much those goals that still linger in your head might change your world forever.

Adopt A Child [  ]

Attend A Dalai Lama Speech [  ]

Ask For A Raise [x]

Audition For American Idol [x]

Audition For The Voice [x]

Be A Better Listener [  ]

Be A Bridesmaid [x]

Be A Fringe Brand Ambassador [  ]

Be A Maid Of Honor [x]

Be A TOMS Brand Ambassador [  ]

Be A Rodan & Fields Brand Ambassador [  ]

Be Able To Do Lotus Pose [  ]

Be Able To Touch My Toes [x]

Be An Influencer [  ]

Be 100% Debt Free [x]

Be Fluent In Calligraphy [  ]

Be Fluent In Hand Lettering [  ]

Be Fluent In Italian [  ]

Be Fluent In Spanish [  ]

Be More Dependable [x]

Be On The 'Kiss Cam' [  ]

Be Truly Surprised [x]

Become A Morning Person [  ]

Believe In 'Romantic' Love [x]

Build An Igloo [x]

Bury A Time Capsule [  ]

Buy Lunch For A Stranger [x]

Carve Initials Into A Tree [x]

Celebrate May Day [x]

Change Or Make A Law [  ]

Climb A Lookout Tower [x]

Climb To The Top Of A Rock Wall [  ]

Complete Full Sweat with Kayla​ Program [  ]

Create A Bullet Journal [  ]

Create A Capsule Wardrobe [  ]

Dance In The Rain [x]

Do A Color Run [x]

Do A Proper Cart-Wheel [x]

Do Relay For Life [  ]

Do The Polar Bear Plunge [x]

Donate $1 Million to Cancer Research [  ]

Donate Blood [x]

Donate Bone Marrow [  ]

Donate Plasma [  ]

Drink From A Natural Spring [x]

Drink More Water [x]

Drive A Golf Cart [x]

Duet With Kelly Clarkson [  ]

Earn My Associates Degree [x]

Enjoy A Beach Bon Fire [  ]

Experience Front Row At A Concert [x]

Explore Minimalism [  ]

Fall In Love [x]

Fall In Love Again [x]

Feel Confident In A Bikini [  ]

Find A Geocache [  ]

Float A River [x]

Fly First Class [x]

Fly In A Hot Air Balloon [  ]

Fly In A Helicopter [  ]

Get A Professional Facial [x]

Get A Professional Massage [x]

Get A Henna Tattoo [x]

Get A Sun Tattoo [  ]

Get Engaged [x]

Get Married [x]

Get My Palm Read [x]

Give A Motivational Speech [  ]

Give A TED Talk [  ]

Go Backpacking [x]

Go Barefoot For A Full Day [  ]

Go Bungee Jumping [  ]

Go Camping On A Beach [x]

Go Dancing At A Night Club [x]

Go Glamping [x]

Go Ice Skating [x]

Go On A Road Trip  [x]

Go On A Shopping Spree [x]

Go On An All-Inclusive Vacation [x]

Go One Year Without Soda [x]

Go Out Drinking [x]

Go Paddle Boarding [x]

Go Paint-Balling [  ]

Go Skinny Dipping [x]

Go Sky Diving [  ]

Go To A Seahawks Game [x]

Go To Foam Fest [  ]

Attend The Kelly Clarkson Show Recording [  ]

Go Whale Watching [x]

Go White Water Rafting [x]

Go Zip Lining [x]

Go Zorbing [  ]

Grant A Make-A-Wish [x]

Have A Cartoon Logo [x]

Have A  Daily Workout Routine [  ]

Have A Food Fight [  ]

Have A 'Green Thumb' [x]

Have A Single On iTunes [  ]

Have A Spa Day With My BFFs [x]

Have A Water Balloon Fight [  ]

Have An Etsy Store [  ]

Have An Inspirational Article Published [  ]

Have Children Of Our Own [  ]

Have My Own Website [x]

Help The Red Cross [  ]

Hide A Geocache [  ]

Hike To The Top Of A Mountain [x]

Hold A Butterfly [x]

Join A Band [x]

Jump Off The Las Vegas Stratosphere [x]

Kiss Under Mistletoe [x]

Learn A Full Dance Routine [  ]

Learn Archery [  ]

Learn Pancake Art [  ]

Leave A Note In A Random Book [  ]

[  ] Leave My Favorite Book Somewhere

[x] Learn To Invest

[  ] Learn To Lucid Dream

[  ] Learn To Play Guitar

[x] Learn To Sew

[x] Learn To Ski

[  ] Learn To Surf

[x] Learn To Water Ski

[  ] Learn To Whistle

[x] Leave A Great Review

[  ] Live To See A Cure For Cancer

[x] Live To See Gay Marriage Legal In All 50 States

[  ] Make $1 Million+ Per Year Online

[x] Make A Playlist For Everything

[x] Make An Apple Pie From Scratch

[x] Make Homemade Ice Cream

[  ] Make Money Blogging

[  ] Make Money On Youtube

[  ] Make Money Podcasting

[  ] Master My Emotions

[  ] Max Out 401K Yearly

[x] Mediate Daily

[x] Meet Kelly Clarkson

[x] Move To Nashville, TN

[  ] Own 10+ Wooded Acres

[  ] Own A Downtown Nashville Condo

[  ] Own A Home

[x] Own A Pair Of TOMS

[  ] Own An Investment Property

[x] Own My Own Business

[x] Pay Off All Student Loans

[  ] Perfect My Cursive Writing

[  ] Perfect The 60/20/20 Health Plan

[x] Perfect The No-Bake Cookie

[x] Pin Up A World Map

[x] Photo Bomb Someone

[  ] Play Bubble Ball

[  ] Practice Better Posture

[  ] Read All Nick Sparks Books

[  ] Read All Seth Godin Books

[  ] Record A Demo

[  ] Record A Music Video

[x] Record A Podcast

[  ] Record An Audio Book

[x] Record In An Official Recording Studio

[x] RECYCLE Consistently

[  ] Ride A Double-Decker Bus In London

[  ] Ride A Mechanical Bull

[x] Ride A Motorcycle

[  ] Ride An Elephant In Thailand

[  ] Ride The Trolly In San Francisco

[x] Roll In An Airplane

[x] Run A Half Marathon

[  ] Save Someone's Life

[x] See A Downtown Drag Show

[x] See A Firefly

[x] See A Murder Mystery

[  ] See A Psychic

[x] See A Total Lunar Eclipse

[  ] See A Total Solar Eclipse

[x] See The Seahawks Win The Super Bowl

[x] Send A Message In A Bottle

[  ] Send A Single To RCA Records

[x] Send Away A Floating Lantern

[x] Shower Under A Waterfall

[x] Sign An Autograph

[x] Ski A Black Diamond

[x] Ski Sun Valley, Idaho

[x] Sleep In A Lookout Tower

[x] Sneak Into A Movie

[x] Start A Garden

[x] Stay At The Coeur d’Alene Resort

[  ] Visit All 50 States 29/50

[  ] Swim In Every Ocean 2/4

[  ] Swim With Dolphins

[  ] Take A Cruise

[x] Take An All-Girl's Vacation

[x] Take Up Spinning

[  ] Take Up Yoga

[  ] Take Up Zumba

[x] Taste Gelato

[x] Teach A Class On Goal Setting

[x] Throw A Great Party

[  ] Tour A Lighthouse

[  ] Tour A Real Castle

[x] Tour The Grand Ole' Opry

[x] Travel Internationally Alone

[x] Try Chicken & Waffles

[x] Try In-N-Out

[x] Try Roller Derby

[x] Use A Typewriter

[x] Visit A Ghost Town

[x] Visit A Natural Hot Spring

[x] Visit A Wax Museum

[  ] Visit An Original Speakeasy

[x] Visit Nashville, TN

[x] Visit Tree Hill

[x] Volunteer For Make-A-Wish

[x] Watch A Drive-In Movie

[x] Watch All Chris Farley Movies

[x] Watch All Heath Ledger Movies

[x] Watch For Shooting Stars

[x] Water-Walk In A Bubble

[  ] Win A Blogging Award

[  ] Win A Singing Contest

[x] Witness A Marriage Proposal

[  ] Witness Aurora Borealis

[  ] Wrestle In A Sumo Suit

[  ] Write A Children's Book

[  ] Write A Memoir

[  ] Write A Novel

[  ] Write A Screenplay

[  ] Write Every Day